Shri Aanandhakrishnan, IPS, ADGP, Police Head quarters

Shri Sanjay Kumar Garudin, District Police Chief

Priyappetta Student Police Cadettukale,

Sahodaree Sahodranmare

Ellavarkkum Ente Namaskaram.


I am very happy to address the Ceremonial Parade of the Annual summer Camp of the Student Police Cadet Project at Thiruvananthapuram District.

Let me at the outset, congratulate the officers leading the Student Police Cadet Scheme for organizing this annual camp, which is attended by 600 senior cadets from 26 schools of Thiruvananthapuram. I also convey my deep sense of appreciation for all the cadets who have enrolled in the programme.

As we all know, the tremendous growth achieved by the Student Police Cadet movement in the last decade, is a matter of great pride for all of us. This school-based youth development initiative which was launched in August 2010 in 127 schools, with just above 11,000 students, has so far trained over 70,000 students to equip them as young change leaders of our society.

I am happy that the Student Police Cadet Project is now operational in 576 schools, with over 46,200 young cadets undergoing training based on a syllabus which includes indoor and outdoor activities.   It is good to know that at present, about 2200 boy and girl cadets from 19 High schools and 7 higher secondary schools of Thiruvananthapuram district are participating in the project.

Asan exceptional attempt to enable high school students to evolve as responsible and capable citizens, this Project has certainly nurtured in our children, respect for the law, inner capabilities, discipline, civic sense, empathy for vulnerable sections   and above all, a strong resistance to social evils.

The Student Police Cadet activity is not to be seen only as just another school based training programme. This activity has actually been built on an ambitious dream about today's children playing a key role in shaping and guiding our society in the coming years.


We can all be very proud that the Student Police Cadet Scheme of Kerala has become a model for other States and even other nations to follow. I understand that Government of India had decided to implement this programme in all States and union territories from 2018.  The credit for this matchless achievement goes to each and every Student Police cadet whose involvement and conduct in society reflects the true transformation of a student into a responsible citizen.

While participating in the Student Cadet Police Project, every student should visualize the social role that he or she would be playing in future. Some of you would become administrators; some may be officers or artists and some others,   statesmen. To succeed in any of these roles, you need to work hard, be alert, sincere and sensitive towards the needs and expectations of society. Let this camp be a launching pad for performing in those future roles. I would request all cadets to consider every information and training received here as a prelude to the larger social and professional roles awaiting them in future.


The Student Police Cadets should also realize the real beauty of student life. In fact, youth in general and student life in particular, is the best and the most energetic and vibrant phase in your life. As we move from childhood to youth, our minds should be guided by innovative ideas and dreams for a better world.

Unfortunately, today, we see the power of the youth being misguided by some elements to create tension in society. We see such elements encouraging violence in school and college campuses. Every year, we see young people destroying public properties and causing great loss to society. What is most worrying is that we tend to accept such levels of irresponsibility as a characteristic of our young people. This is a dangerous trend and I am certain that if our students are fully aware of their responsibilities as citizens, such incidents can be totally avoided.

Personally, I believe that the Student Police Cadet Project is our greatest defence against such unhealthy trends in society.  If our children grow up by respecting the law and by adhering to social norms, there would be less unrest in society.  Moreover, a realization about one's duties as a citizen would instill a sense of social commitment and responsibility. I am certain that the training, value systems and orientation imparted to you through the Student Police Cadet scheme have endowed you with the heart, energy and readiness to serve society.

Dear cadets, from today onwards, you should deliberately try to put into practice all the good things you have received from this training. For instance, you should start practicing gender equality in your homes and schools, since renouncing practices derogatory to the dignity of women is a major Fundamental duty of every citizen.

I am sure you are aware of the Article 51-A of our Constitution which specifies our duties as citizens. Apart from    abiding by the Constitution and respecting its ideals and institutions, all our actions should help to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood in society. As students, you must develop a scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.

I would urge all cadets to look around for misuse of social media by young people and try to inform them about the danger of falling into the trap of cyber crimes. Our scientific temper should help us in using technology in a positive way.

Last, but not the least, we have a duty to protect public property and to abjure violence. If the entire population of Student Police Cadets decides to follow these duties in letter and spirit, our State and nation would be much better and advanced places.

I compliment the organizers for conducting this function and the Camp in a befitting manner.

I once again greet all the Student Cadets and wish them the strength and fortitude to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Ellaavarkkum Ente Aashamsakal


Jai Hind