Point No II

Point No II

Pont No. II { Section 4 (1) (b) (ii) }


Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees:

There are different wings in Raj Bhavan to assist and advise the Governor on various subjects.




Secretary to the Governor:

The Secretary to the Governor who is an Officer of the IAS Cadre is the head of the Raj Bhavan establishment and is answerable to the Governor for its proper conduct and efficiency in all respects. By virtue of his position as the Head of the Department, heshall be in overall charge of the Secretariat and the Household establishment and shall be responsible for the overall control and discipline of all officers and staff working in Raj Bhavan. He shall provide efficient and effective secretarial assistance to the Governor and for that purpose he shall scrutinize every file/proposal initiated by both the Offices and shall record specific recommendation before the file is submitted to the Governor.

The Secretary to Governor is also responsible for arrangements for the safety of the Governor’s person, arrangements in connection with the Governor’s Tours, arrangements in connection with all functions at Raj Bhavan, Guard of Honour and the care and up-keep of the Raj Bhavan Premises.


Joint Secretary:

The Joint Secretary is the Drawing and Disbursing Officer in respect of all the non-gazetted officers of Governor’s Secretariat and is in overall charge of the Accounts of the Governor’s Secretariat establishment including scrutiny of Budget estimates pertaining to Governor’s Secretariat.  In addition to this all papers relating to the Universities and all establishment matters of the Governor’s Secretariat are routed to the Secretary/Governor through her.


Deputy Secretary:

Papers relating to the Cochin University of Science and Technology [CUSAT], Kannur University, Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University [KTU] and Sree Narayana Guru Open University. He is also in charge of the papers relating to Amalgamated Fund, Lokayukta, and collecting the property statements of the Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition, MLA’s and Office bearers of recognised and registered political parties. As per Lokayukta Act every Public Servant has to submit their annual property statements to the Governor once in two years.


Private Secretary/Additional Private Secretary to the Governor:

The functions of Private Secretary and Additional Private Secretary are to assist the Governor and maintain the record of his correspondence, notes, discussion with various people, instructions, directives and orders given by him, and to attend the   correspondence of personal nature and with the high official dignitaries.


The Public Relations Officer:

The Public Relations Officer prepares the Speeches, statements, messages and Reports of the Governor.  He is also responsible for issuing Press Releases and managing the Web-site and social media platforms, arranging Media Coverage for important functions in Raj Bhavan and when VVIPs visit the Governor.  He is also in charge of arranging Press Conferences as and when the Governor desires.  The PRO also holds charge of the Library. 


Personal Assistant to the Governor:

The Personal Assistant is entrusted with the work of providing stenographic assistance to Governor. He is also responsible for keeping important and secret personal papers of the Governor. 



Under Secretary:

Under Secretary deals with the papers relating to the Universities of the State, the Lokayukta, Amalgamated Fund, supply of Uniforms to Class IV of Raj Bhavan and all papers relating to the establishment matters of the Governor’s secretariat. Other duties include control of the conduct of business and discipline in the Governor’s Secretariat.

Section Officer:

There are three Section Officers in Raj Bhavan who are in charge of the three sections, viz; Governor’s Secretariat, Governor’s Household and Accounts Section. They are assisted by a certain number of Assistants and are responsible for all files relating to the subjects allotted to the Assistants under them. They are directly responsible to the officers, under whom they work for the efficient and expeditious functioning of official business in all stages in their section. The training of the assistants under them is one of their principal functions. The Section Officer maintains discipline in the section and sees to it that orders or instructions are not disputed or disregarded by the staff under them. Communications received from the Government and others for immediate submission to the Governor should receive the immediate attention of the Section Officer and any omission by oversight at anylevel should be brought to the notice of the Secretary by the Section Officer.  The Section Officers must constantly examine the cases pending with assistants to avoid delay. They should see that stock files are maintained in their sections and should check the stock files at frequent intervals. To ensure the efficient and expeditious despatch of work, the Section Officer should thoroughly examine the Personal Registers maintained by the assistants once a fortnight on a specified day and submit notes of inspection to the Secretary. Of the three Section Officers listed under Governor’s Secretariat, one is responsible for supervision of Governor’s Household.  He/She assists the Comptroller in the discharge of duties.




There are 12 Assistants in the Kerala Raj Bhavan. They assists the section Officers  and other Officers  in dealing with the files.  They also scrutinize the appeals, representations and complaints received by the Governor/Chancellor from the public or Government officials. They maintain inward/outward register, registers of telephone, water and electricity bills as well as the stationery items. They also look after the work of allotment of duties to Peons and messengers. The Cash Assistant (Cashier) handles cash and maintains cash Registers.



Confidential Assistants [CA]:

There are two CA’s in Raj Bhavan establishment. They provide Stenographic assistance to the Governor, Secretary to Governor, AsDC to the Governor and other Officers.

Computer Assistants:

The Computer Assistant provides typing assistance to the sections concerned.



Telephone Operator:

They are in-charge of the telephone exchange.


Motorcycle Dispatch Rider [MCDR]:

MCDRs in Raj Bhavan deliver "Tapal" to the Government Departments, allied offices and others concerned. They also collect newspapers / magazines for Governor and the guests in Raj Bhavan.


The Attender maintains official record of files and stationary items and also looks
after printing work.


Duffedar and Office Attendant:

They basically attend to the Governor, VIPs, other guests and officers in Raj Bhavan and also attend to the works related to the sections.


It is the duty of the Binder to docket each closed file sent to him from Governor’s Secretariat, Governor’s Household and Accounts Section.  The Cabinet proceedings are also neatly stitched and filed.





 There are two Aides-de-Camp to the Governor, one from Armed Forces and other from Indian Police Force each doing duty on the alternate days. The ADC attends to the work of fixing personal appointments of the Governor.   The ADC escorts Governor and Lady Governor for various engagements, ensures proper reception of guests, extends invitations on behalf of the Governor, ensures proper recording of telephonic messages and giving of appropriate response.



The Comptroller, who is the Drawing & Disbursing Officer of the Governor’s Household Establishment, is responsible for the efficient running of the Household. Comptroller is also required to look after the comfort of the Governor, Lady Governor and dignitaries visiting Raj Bhavan.  He/She is responsible for all the catering arrangements, arrangement for State banquet and accommodation for VVIPs visiting Raj Bhavan. Besides, the Comptroller deals with regular establishment matters in respect of employees working in the Governor's Household. Comptroller is the counter signing officer for expenditure under the head of account of Governor’s Household and Raj Bhavan Dispensary.  The Comptroller also looks after all the matter in respect of Raj Bhavan Dispensary, PWD Wing, Raj Bhavan Garden and the General upkeep of Raj Bhavan buildings and premises. 


Medical Officer:

The Medical Officer takes care of the personal health of the Governor and family as well as the officers and staff of Raj Bhavan.  He/She is also the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of all staff in the Raj Bhavan Dispensary.

Under Secretary:

The Under Secretary of the Governor’s Household deals with papers relating to Governor’s Household. The Under Secretary also supervises works related to PWD, Dispensary, Raj Bhavan Garden and Garage.  Assisting the Comptroller is also the duty of the Under Secretary.  He/She also deals with all miscellaneous petitions submitted to the Governor.


Security Officer

1.  The duties of the Security Officer to issue instructions to the Raj Bhavan Security Guards from time to time for the efficient and effective discharge of their duties and responsibilities.

2. To search the baggage and other effects of visitors who come to meet the Governor without prior appointment and direct them to the Private Secretary to Governor.

3. To direct visitors on other employees of the Raj Bhavan to the persons concerned.

4. To issue instructions from time to time to the Ring Round Staff, three members of whom is always deployed by rotation for round-the-clock duty at the Raj Bhavan. 


Garden Supervisor:

The Garden Supervisor is responsible for maintenance of gardens in Raj Bhavan. He supervises the working of Gardeners of Raj Bhavan.

Housekeeping Assistant/Caretaker:

The Housekeeping Assistant is in-charge of maintenance and daily upkeep of the Raj Bhavan including the Governor's residence and guest rooms. He is responsible for proper supervision of the staff working under him i.e. Tailor, Dhobis, Lascars, Mateys, Sweepers etc. He is also responsible for the upkeep of go-downs.


Laundry Superintendent:

It is the duty of the Laundry Superintendent to keep watch over the performance of the dhobis, for the prompt return of the items sent for laundering.  He should keep a register of linen items given to each Dhobi for laundering and take stock of the items when returned.  He should also check any delay on the party of Dhobies in returning the laundered items and report the matter to Section Officer, Governor’s Household, whenever there is any delay.   



There are three Dhobies in Raj Bhavan.  Their work is to wash the linen of the Governor and the members of his family, linen of the guests staying in Raj Bhavan, linen items like bed spreads, towels, pillow-covers, curtains etc., belonging to Raj Bhavan and the uniforms of Class IV employees.  The work is equitably distributed among the three Dhobies.  The Dbobies are provided with facilities for washing and are supplied washing soap, blue, charcoal etc., on a monthly basis.



Handles upholstery work for Governor's Bungalow, Guest Rooms and does arrangements of party tables etc. He also stitches the uniforms of the staff of the Governor’s Household.



He attends to all carpentry work of Raj Bhavan as directed by the Comptroller.  He also attends to the periodical polishing of the items of furniture in Governor’s Apartment and Guest Block.


Furniture Clerk:

Furniture Clerk is responsible for the despatch of all outgoing tapals in respect of Kerala Raj Bhavan.


Motor Section Clerk:

Motor Section Clerk is responsible for making arrangement of vehicles for the Governor, his official guests and officers in Raj Bhavan. He allots duties to Drivers, Motor Cleaners and other staff working under him. He also maintains the record of fuel required for Raj Bhavan vehicles.



Head Butler:

The Head Butler assists in making catering arrangements of the Governor and his official guests staying in Raj Bhavan.



The duty assigned is to cook food for the Governor, VVIPs and other guests staying at Raj Bhavan as well as for parties and banquets held in Raj Bhavan.



They assist the waiters and cooks in their duties.  The Butlers and their Assistants are responsible for serving food to the Governor, his family, VIPs and other guests accommodated in Raj Bhavan.


Hospital Attendant:

He helps in the nursing work in Raj Bhavan Dispensary.



The Gardeners are responsible for daily maintenance of the Raj Bhavan gardens.



The Cleaner is responsible for the cleanliness of the Raj Bhavan vehicles.



Sweepers, under the supervision of Housekeeper look after the daily cleanliness of the Governor's residence, office, guest rooms auditorium and library.