Prof. P.J. Kurien, Hon'ble Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha,

Shri Anto Antony, MP,

Shri Adoor Prakash MLA,

Shri P.B. Nooh IAS, District Collector,

Most Reverend Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom,

Shri Adoor Gopalakrishnan, noted film maker,

Shri T.P. Sreenivasan, Former Ambassador to the UN,

Shri Blessy, noted film maker,

Shri Babu George, Former National Award winner for the best   District Panchayat,

Smt. Annapoorna Devi, District Panchayat President,

Smt. Rajani Pradeep, Chairperson, Pathanamthitta Municipality,

Shri Kailash, Cine Artist,

Friends in Media,

Priyappetta Sahodaree Sahodaranmare, Ellaavarkkum Ente Namaskaaram,


I am very happy to address you in this programme named AADARAVU-2018, which has been convened to honour and duly recognize persons who have excelled in life through their contributions.

It adds to my joy that Shri. Anto Antony MP who is spearheading this MP's Excellence Award has also chosen along with some of the most well known figures, young students who have bagged top ranks and scored very high marks in various examinations.  It is a thoughtful gesture, since today’s youth are the leader of tomorrow.

       Let me at the outset, congratulate all the distinguished persons and the young achievers who have been honoured here today.  I understand that all the awardees belong to the Pathanamthitta district.  Therefore, let me call them the real gems of Pathanamthitta, the pilgrimage capital of Kerala, which is also a heritage hub with the unique Aranmula kannadi, the Valla sadya, Vaastu Vidya and so on.

       There is a saying in the Holy Bible that No Prophet is acceptable in his hometown.  Most often, we are too late to recognize great people around us.  But, of late, with the world being more strongly connected, every hometown takes pride in its achievers.  And, for people who attain greatness, an honor from one's own land is more satisfying than any laurel from elsewhere.  I can see that satisfaction on the faces of all our distinguished guests now.

       Though Prof. P.J. Kurien, who is presiding over this function is not an awardee, he too has done this district proud. He hails from this district, studied and taught here and has proved many a time his worth as a gem of this land.  In fact, we all have felt really proud seeing him manage the Rajya Sabha during the hottest debates with a cool smile.

       Most of you may not be aware that the most respected Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan and I were born on the same day in different years.  I was also fortunate to have attended his birthday celebration last year. At hundred years, Padma Bhushan Rev. Dr Chrysostom is among the most loved and respected persons in Kerala.  What makes this holy person truly different is his unique way of conveying profound lessons of love and humanism through humour.  Even the casual words of this Good Samaritan would enrich our minds with wisdom. By honouring Most Reverend Dr. Mar Chrysostom, the people of this district are honoring themselves.

       Shri Adoor Gopalakrishnan is a film-maker of the highest order whose creations have been recognized and rewarded both at national and international levels. The nation has honoured him with Padma Vibhushan. As a pioneer of the Film society movement in Kerala, he was one of those instrumental in acquainting Keralites with world cinema.  Besides, he was one of the film makers who introduced our cinema to the world.  Almost all his films starting from Swayamvaram have earned him recognition and his contributions have brought the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, the greatest honour in Indian cinema to Kerala.  All these have made not just the people of Pathnamthitta district but the people of Kerala and Malayalis the world over really proud.

       The third person who is being honoured here is
Shri. Blessy, who has also won our hearts through the films which he had scripted and directed. His cinematic works are marked by an unusually life-like portrayal, whether it is of a person affected by Alzheimer's disease or of how an orphaned child-victim of the Gujarat earthquake transforms the life of a family in Kerala.  Shri Blessy has won State and National awards for his films which always tell a uniquely beautiful story and carry a social message. On behalf of everyone here, let me congratulate Shri Blessy and wish him a more creative future in cinema.

       I understand that there are many young achievers who await to be honoured today. I would like to remind the youngsters present here about the matchless role models who are before them today.  All the doyens honoured today have reached this stature through hard work and social commitment. Their lives are text-boks on humility, humanism and dedication. I have been told that a little while ago, you had an Education seminar led by Former Ambassador
Shri T.P. Sreenivasan, who was a topper in college in his student days. I would appeal to the young students to observe such people and learn from them.

       I hope that in future, all these rank holders and school toppers would achieve greater success in life.  But, in those moments of success, let us not forget those innumerable reasons behind our success – our parents' efforts, our teachers and above all the society which has provided us the facilities for our development.  Let us remember what the famous poet from Pathanamthitta, the late Kadammanitta Ramakrishnan wrote : Ningal orkkuka, Ningal engane Ningal aayennu.

       Always remember that we owe a lot to our society, almost as much as we owe to our parents. Therefore, it is the duty of every successful person to give back to society,

a share of what he or she has earned by utilizing our national resources.

I compliment Shri. Anto Antony MP and others who organized this programme in a befitting manner.

Ellavarkkum Ente Aashamsakal


Jai Hind