Shri Ramakrishna Suryabhanji Gavai


Shri Ramkrishnan Suryabhan Gavai 

Father's Name

 Shri Suryabhanji Gavai

Date of Birth

 30th October, 1929.

Marital Status


Spouse's Name

 Smt. Kamaltai Gavai

Educational Qualifications



Vidarbha Mahavidyalay, Nagpur University, Amravati, Maharashtra

Position Held

·         Governor of Bihar -  June 2006

·         Acting Governor of Sikkim from 13 July 2006 to 12 August 2006

·         Governor of Kerala from  11-07-2008 to 07-09-2011

·         Deputy Chairman, Maharashtra Legislative Council. 1968-78

·         Chairman, Maharashtra Legislative Council. 1978-84

·         Leader of Opposition, Maharashtra Legislative Council. 1986-88

Member of

·         Maharashtra Legislative Council. 1964-94

·         Elected to 12th Lok Sabha. 1998

·         Committee on Urban and Rural Development 1998-99

·         Consultative Committee, Ministry of Agriculture 1998-99

·          Vice-President and Member of Executive Committee of World Fellowship of Buddhists Member

·         Maharashtra Branch of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.


Books Published


·         5-Year Plan in relation to the Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribes.

·         Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes .. Their Service Privileges.

·         The Caste war over Reservation ... A case before the Peoples Bar.

·         Facilities to Buddhists converted from Scheduled Castes.

·         Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar... Deserved the thanks of the country.

·         Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada Vidyapeeth ... Petition before the People of Marathwada.

·         Report for Eradication of Leprosy

·         Reports on Employment Guarantee.

Recipient of

·         Kusta Mitra Award

·         National Integration awards for peace and harmony

Died on

25 July 2015