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K.G. Camp – PO
Thiruvananthapuram – 695 099
Kerala (India)

EPABX Number For Domestic dialing       (0471) 2721100
For International dialing                       (091-0471) - 2721100
FAX           0471-2720266
E mail          This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




This Office deals with:

 the establishment matters of the Secretariat, Files relating to University matters
 files regarding legislative and constitutional matters including assent to Bills,
 promulgation of Ordinances,
 summoning and proroguing sessions,
 considering mercy petitions,
 approvals to Draft recruitment rules of the department,
 decision on questions as to disqualifications of members of the Legislative Assembly   and Legislative Council cases relating to permission to prosecute public servants,
 review petitions of the State Government employees under Rules 18(1)(i) & 25/25A of the   Kerala Civil Services (Disciplines and Appeal) Rules, 1979,
 Annual Administration Reports of the Scheduled Areas of the State,
 Kerala Public Service Commission Report and the Report of the Lokayukta,
 Governor’s recommendations to the President’s Police Medals,
 Medals for Home Guards and Fire Brigades,

gallantry award cases,
 complaints/grievances of public,
 requests for patronage of various social service institutions and trusts and • administrative matters of the secretariat staff.


The main function of the Household establishment headed by the Comptroller is efficient running of Household of the Raj Bhavan. All Household activities including catering arrangements for the Governor, Madam and official guests of Raj Bhavan, arrangements in Raj Bhavan premises for all State functions, official meetings, receptions and dinners/banquets, all arrangements for visiting dignitaries both Indian and foreign, protocol matters, arrangements for cultural activities, travel arrangements for Governor and Madam and other staff inside and outside the State, maintenance of furniture, installations and buildings of Raj Bhavan, control and maintenance of motor cars, scrutiny of budget estimates, control of grants placed at the disposal of the Governor under the Governors Allowances and Privileges Act and Rules, printing and distribution of engagements cards, allotment of accommodation to staff etc. have been made the direct responsibility of the Comptroller of the Governor’s Household.


The Private Secretary gives stenographic assistance to the Governor and attends to the mail, receiving of files and maintenance of proper record of movements of papers. He also has to attend to the personal work entrusted to him by the Governor.


The Public Relations Officer attends to all functions related to public Relation Department of the Governor. He is in charge of the Raj Bhavan Library and attends to the work relating to the preparation of draft speeches of the Governor and drafting of messages of the Governor and granting of Governor’s patronage to public organisations.  He is responsible for arranging photographic coverage whenever important functions are held in Raj Bhavan and also for arranging press conferences if any as and when desired by the Governor. 


There are two Aides-de-Camp to the Governor, one from Armed Forces and other from Indian Police Force each doing duty on the alternate days. The A.D.C. attends to the work of fixing personal appointments of the Governor and Madam (all the official appointments are looked after by the Governor’s Secretariat), escorting Governor and Madam for various engagements, ensure proper reception of guests, extending invitations on behalf of the Governor, ensuring proper recording of telephonic messages and giving appropriate response.

Private Secretary/Additional Private Secretary to the Governor :

The functions of Private Secretary and Additional Private Secretary are to assist  the  Governor and  maintain the  record of his correspondence, notes, discussion with various people, instructions, directives and orders given by him,and to attend the   correspondence of personal nature and with the high official dignitaries.

Under Secretary, Governor ‘s Secretariat:
There are two under secretaries in Kerala Raj Bhavan. One of them deals with the papers relating to the universities of the state. He also attends to the papers relating to the Lokayukta, Amalgamated Fund, supply of Uniforms to Class IV of Raj Bhavan and all papers relating to the establishment matters of the Governor’s secretariat. He exercises control over the Governor’s Secretariat both in regard to the conduct of business and in regard to discipline. He also deals with all miscellaneous petitions submitted to the Governor.

The other under secretary is in charge of the Governor’s House hold, Tour Section and protocol and is in charge of the booking or collection of luggage when the Governor goes on tour/returns from tour.

Personal Assistant to the Governor:

The Personal Assistant is entrusted with the work of providing stenographic assistance to Governor. He is also responsible for keeping important and secret personal papers of the Governor.  

Section Officers:
There are three section Officers in Raj Bhavan who are in charge of the three sections, viz; Governor’s Secretariat, Governor’s Household and Accounts Section. They are assisted by a certain number of Assistants. They are responsible for all files relating to the subjects allotted to the Assistants under them. They are directly responsible to the officers, under whom they work for the efficient and expeditious functioning of official business in all stages in his section. The training of the assistants under them is one of his principal functions. He maintains discipline in his section and sees to it that his orders or instructions are not disputed or disregarded by the Assistants or Typists. File received from the government for immediate submission to the Governor should receive the immediate attention of the Section Officer and any omission by oversight by the Secretary, Deputy Secretary or Under Secretary should be brought to the notice of the Secretary by the Section Officer.  The Section Officers must constantly examine the cases pending with his assistants to see that they do not delay them. They should see that stock files are maintained in their sections. They should check the stock files at frequent intervals. To ensure the efficient and expeditious despatch of work, the Section Officer should thoroughly examine the Personal Registers maintained by the assistants once a fortnight on a specified day and submit noted of inspection to the Secretary.

There are 12 Assistants in the Kerala Raj Bhavan. They assists the section Officers  and other Officers  in dealing with the files.  They also scrutinizes the appeals, representations and complaints received by the Governor/Chancellor from the public or Government officials. They maintains inward/outward register, registers of telephone, water and electricity bills as well as the stationery items. They also look after the work of allotment of duties to Peons and messengers.

The Cash Assistant {Cashier) handles cash and maintains cash Registers.

Confidential Assistants:
There are two CA’s in Raj Bhavan establishment and they provide Stenographic assistance to the Governor, Secretary to Governor, AsDC to the Governor and other Officers.

The Typist provides typing assistance to the concerned sections

He maintains official record of files and stationary items. He also looks
after printing work.

Telephone Operators:
They are in-charge of the telephone exchange.

Duffadars and Peons:
They basically attend to the Governor, VIPs, other guests and officers in Raj Bhavan and also attend to the works related to the sections

Messengers in Raj Bhavan deliver "tapal" to the Government Departments, allied offices and others concerned. They also collect newspapers / magazines for Governor and the guests in Raj Bhavan.

The Comptroller is  responsible for efficient running of the Governor’s Household, Raj Bhavan  He is also required to look after the comfort of the dignitaries; catering arrangements, arrangement for State banquet, accommodation for VIPs. Besides, he deal with regular establishment matters in respect of employees working in the Governor's Household side. He is also the counter signing officers for expenditure under the head – Household.

There are two Aides-de-Camp to the Governor taken on deputation from the Armed Forces or Paramilitary Forces and Police force. The most important duty of the ADC is to accompany the Governor on all ceremonial, State or official / Social  occasions inside or outside Raj Bhavan and on the Governor's tours. They also attend the protocol duties such as receiving  and seeing off the transacting foreign dignitaries and receiving and seeing off the VIPs staying at Raj Bhavan.

Medical Officer:
The Medical Officer takes care of the personal health of the Governor and family as well as the officers and staff of Raj Bhavan.

Under Secretary, Governor’s household:
He is responsible for making catering arrangements for the Governor and official guests staying in Raj Bhavan. He also looks  after the catering arrangements.  

Section Officer (Governor’s Household):
The Section Officer  in the Governor’s household is responsible for supervision of Governor's Household. He assists the comptroller in the discharge of his duties.

Garden Supervisor:
The Garden Supervisor is responsible for maintenance of gardens in Raj Bhavan. He supervises the working of Gardeners of Raj Bhavan.

Housekeeping Assistant/Caretaker:
The Housekeeping Assistant is in-charge of maintenance and daily upkeep of the Raj Bhavan including the Governor's residence and guest rooms. He is responsible for proper supervision over the staff working under him i.e. tailor, dhobis, lascars, Mateys, sweepers etc. He is also responsible for the upkeep of go-downs.

Furniture Clerk:
He is responsible for the despatch of all outgoing tapals in respect of Kerala Raj Bhavan.

Motor Section Clerk:
He is in charge of Raj Bhavan Garage. He is responsible for making arrangement of vehicles for the Governor, his official guests and officers in Raj Bhavan. He allots duties to Drivers, Motor Cleaners and other staff working under him. He also maintains the record of fuel required for Raj Bhavan vehicles.

Head Butler:
The Head Butler assists in making catering arrangements of the Governor and his official guests staying in Raj Bhavan.

The duty assigned to the cooks is to cook food for the Governor, VVIPs and other guests staying at Raj Bhavan as well as for parties and banquets held in Raj Bhavan.

They assist the waiters and cooks in their duties.  The Butlers and their Assistants are responsible for serving food to the Governor, his family, VIPs and other guests accommodated in Raj Bhavan.

He makes upholstery work of Governor's Bungalow, Guest Rooms and arrangements of party tables etc. He also stitches the uniforms of the staff of the Governors Household.

He attends to all carpentry work of Raj Bhavan as directed by the Comptroller.  He also attends to the periodical polishing of the items of furniture in Governor’s Apartment and Guest Block.

Hospital Attendants:
He helps the nursing work in Raj Bhavan Dispensary.

The gardeners are responsible for daily maintenance of the Raj Bhavan gardens.

He is responsible for the cleanliness of the Raj Bhavan vehicles.

Sweepers, under the supervision of Housekeeper look after the daily cleanliness of the Governor's residence, office, guest rooms auditorium and library.